Summer is finally here! Please remember to properly hydrate your body.

A gallon a day keeps the doctor away! Is that how the saying goes? Maybe. Maybe not. The point here is that staying hydrated is of utmost importance for many reasons. Drinking water is crucial, because it helps to regulate our internal body temperature. H2O also helps in transporting nutrients from the foods we eat to our cells. As if this isn't enough, water also helps keep our skeleton healthy by providing lubrication to our joints! CLEAR LIQUID GOLD, right? 

Drinking Water For Weight Management

Drinking water is also great for weight management. Our bodies are after all composed of 60% water. According to the Mayo Clinic, “adequate water intake for men is 3.7 liters and 2.7 liters for women.” Of course, these are just recommendations and they can vary depending on your lifestyle. It is important to note that we tend to lose much of the fluids we consume through perspiration, digestion and respiration. Therefore, it is important to always hydrate because if we lose more fluids than we intake we might become dehydrated. 

Weight management is vital as it helps in preventing maladies such as high blood pressure, obesity and even breast cancer. Drinking water in place of sugary or alcoholic drinks can be really beneficial to your heart health. You could even add magnesium to water in order to “counteract” the sodium that is present, according to Abu Mohammed Naser, postdoctoral fellow at Emory University. Increasing your water intake can also help you in cutting back on unnecessary calories that can easily sneak in on flavored drinks. Drinking a tall glass of water with every meal will help you feel more satisfied. 

Customize Health Merch Water Bottles With Your Brand

Health Merch offers a curated collection of bottles and tumblers that can be customized to your liking. My personal favorites are pictured below and can be found on our website. Why is it my favorite? It is my favorite, because it is easy to carry and most importantly it is perfect for adding some of my favorite fruits and herbs. Let's be honest here, drinking a gallon of plain water is not the easiest thing to do. However, having a reliable and luxurious water bottle with your favorite flavored water is. 

What’s even better is that you can use these water bottles as an incentive to give to your community members. The reason they work so well is, because they are giveaways that people actually want to keep. You can put your logo on it which helps individuals in identifying with your cause. The fact that they are highly customizable provides you with the opportunity to design cool artwork that will resonate with others. Not only are these water bottles a great way to promote your organization, they are also a great way to kick start healthy habits within your own community. 

Flavored Water Inspiration

Here are some summer-ready recipes to spice up your water!

Watermelon Mint Water

Strawberry Basil Water 

Lemon Cayenne Agave Water

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