After months of consideration and planning, USCHA has decided to move its annual conference from the long awaited destination location of San Juan Puerto Rico to an online, virtual experience. The shift comes as raising concern surrounds the COVID-19 Pandemic. The United States Conference on HIV/AIDS, also known as USCHA, is now scheduled to be held online from October 19-21, 2020.

As new information becomes available, we will be adding to our list of common questions below. For the most up-to-date information, please visit or contact the conference organizers directly.

Is USCHA conference still taking place during the pandemic?

Yes! As of the writing of this piece, the USCHA virtual conference is scheduled to be held October 19-21, 2020 and will be held virtually with no in-person event. The conference was originally scheduled to take place in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

What is the main focus of USCHA in 2020?

Due to recent CDC research and statistics, Latinx gay men have now surpassed white gay men with the second-highest number of new HIV diagnosis as of a 2016 study. For the 2020 conference, USCHA plans to highlight the focus on language and culture and their impact on healthcare especially as it relates to patient retention and adherence of medication for this demographic.

What if I already paid for the conference? How do I get a refund for USHCA?

NMAC sent an email during the week of June 22 asking if you’d like a full refund, prefer to transfer the registration fee to the 2021 USCHA or donate a portion of your payment.  Look for an email from Shanta Gray, Vendors will also have a similar offer with the option to also exhibit virtually. Because there is no travel expense this year, 

Where will the conference be held?

The conference will now be held online only. Originally, USCHA was scheduled to be held at the Puerto Rico Convention Center in San Juan Puerto Rico. The main conference hotel is the Sheraton Puerto Rico with additional overflow rooms at the Caribe Hilton. 

How do I register for USCHA?

Registration is still open for USCHA 2020. Thanks to the generous donations from many sponsors, the first 4,000 community/non-profit registrants is FREE for many attendee types. COmplimentary registration is not permitted for government or for-profit organizations. The standard fee to attend USCHA 2020 is $250 per person. Register today or learn more by clicking here

Is it responsible to go to Puerto Rico after the hurricane?

NMAC is committed to holding the conference in Puerto Rico in the future. The 2022 USCHA will take place in San Juan, PR. The 2021 USCHA will take place in Washington, DC. NMAC is going to San Juan to bring much needed economic development, highlight HIV in the Latinx community, and to experience a city where English is the second language. The decision to host the event in San Juan was made by the territory and is believed to be very advantageous to both the attendees and local economics.

Is the USCHA the same as USCA?

Yes, USCHA was previously know as USCA.

What does the NMAC Name and Mission Mean?

According to, NMAC just completed an extensive strategic planning process that resulted in a new mission, vision and name. This is the most extensive change in the agency’s history. It’s a direct response to feedback gathered from key stakeholders, constituents, board members and staff.  Some of their comments were very challenging. All were carefully considered. NMAC is making a significant pivot working for racial justice to end an epidemic.

Starting immediately, NMAC will lead with race.

This means we will not shy away from the difficult questions and discussions about the impact that race has on ending the HIV epidemic in America. NMAC leads with race to urgently fight for health equity and racial justice to end the HIV epidemic in America.  To learn more, visit