New programs and outreach events are finally coming back. Your outreach team is preparing to return to the field or the clinic. You open your new order of street team branded swag and educational promotional products and the order is incorrect up. What went wrong?

Hi, my name is Kimberly and I am the Marketing Manager for HealthMerch and Say It With A Condom. With over 7 years of in-house and agency marketing experience, I can honestly say that I wish I knew HealthMerch existed years ago. It would have made my job ordering custom promotional products much easier.

If you work at a marketing agency or support marketing services for the healthcare industry then you’ve probably felt that:

  1. There is never enough time in the day. 
  2. There’s a constant barrage of client requests coming in daily.
  3. Everyone is always busy. You need more resources to support with fresh, creative ideas and the organizational aptitude to execute those ideas at the level of excellence expected by the client.

Sound familiar? That’s where HealthMerch comes to the rescue. With nearly a decade of experience working within the healthcare industry and a diverse and customer-focused team, we’re ready to tackle any challenge or quick turnaround you have. 

Why every agency should work with HealthMerch.

1. HealthMerch as an extension of your creative department

Wouldn’t it be nice if you just had one more person to handle that mock up request or last minute project? When you work with HealthMerch, you gain access to a creative support system to help you generate fresh ideas and execute on them. I help lead clients through the creative process along with our design team to make your plan a reality. We produce sole-source creative designs for specific healthcare initiatives including COVID-19 vaccination designs, PrEP, HIV/AIDS Awareness, Breast Cancer, and more. The best part, you can tell your client that it was all your idea! I don’t think you’ll find that support at 4Imprint.

2. HealthMerch: Scrappy + Steadfast

At HealthMerch, we have quite a history in the healthcare outreach industry, however, the name and website are still very new. We hire our staff to ensure that they are nimble, ready to pivot and attack each day with new ideas, with a start-up mentality. On the flip side, the engrained experience of working with thousands of health-focused organizations has given us insights on best practices for outreach to at-risk and hard to reach populations. We openly share this knowledge with every client and share the successes and learnings so that we are constantly improving and supporting each client reliably. 

3. HealthMerch Wants Clients To Be Picky

Seriously. If you can think of a product you want, we’ll find it. From apparel for a street team of health coordinators to 7-day pill holders for your telehealth promotion, we love finding unique and trendy outreach items for our clients. Additionally, we love the challenge of bringing a vision to life. The more detail and creative vision for a project, the better we can work to create something impactful.

Wix Personalized Promotional Outreach Materials

4. HealthMerch LOVES a good success story. 

Do you need help generating awareness for your client or programs as well? HealthMerch loves bragging about clients and projects. We’ll work with you to promote through written blogs, social media engagement, and more. 

If you’re not sold yet. That’s good. Remember, we want you to be picky. The number one thing you should know about HealthMerch is our mission. That’s the biggest (and maybe most important) differentiating factor that launches HealthMerch above the competition.

HealthMerch Mission Statement

At our core, HealthMerch is dedicated to connecting health and community. We work with our clients to forge stronger, lasting ties with their communities that last beyond the immediate campaigns or programs because we believe in the earnest need to develop healthier communities throughout the United States. 

Still not sold? That’s okay. Follow the link below to get a free promotional product kit. We’ll ship you some of our most popular products and sole-source designs so you can see for yourself the top-quality our organization operates from.  

Ready to schedule a creative exploration call? Call me directly at (305) 749-9133.