May 6-12, 2021 is National Nurse Appreciation Week! 

Hospitals and clinics around the country have been inundated with patients for well over a year and National Nurses’ Week is a perfect time to take a moment to honor and appreciate the hard work and dedication nurses have put into the careers and keeping their communities and patients safe and healthy.

What is the history behind National Nurses Week?

National Nurses Day (May 6) was officially declared by a proclamation signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1982. In 1990, the observation day expanded into an entire week from May 6 through May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Florence Nightingale, known as the “founder of modern nursing” was integral in establishing foundational views about sanitation. According to, “her views and efforts to reform healthcare greatly influence the quality of care in the 19 and 20 centuries”. You can learn more about Florence Nightingale here.   

What are unique (non-cliche) gifts to celebrate Nurses for National Nurses Week?

The most important part about making the nurses in your life truly feel appreciated is by being heart-felt. So truly thinking about ways to personalize their day and week with nice touches will go a long way. Below are three unique and customizable options from HealthMerch to get for all of the nurses at your hospital or clinic. 

Three Custom Gifts Can Bring Peace and Relaxation For Nurse Appreciation Week:

Nurses work long hours and are constantly on their feet improving and maintaining high standards of care. What better gift than the opportunity to relax with a gift that will help nurses feel appreciated with a little TLC and self-care. 

Find Your Zen With A Customizable Modern Bamboo Candle

This HealthMerch candle is a great way to settle into some well-earned time off. Customize this candle with a positive message or a simple, “thank you” to make it the perfect accent gift for nurses this year. 

Try our HealthMerch Staff Favorite: Vanilla Soy Bamboo Candle

Lunch Made Easy With Custom Cooler Lunch Bags

One of the most-ordered Nurse Appreciation gifts are temperature controlled lunch bags and coolers. Help your nurse by providing a stylish, yet functional meal cooler that can pack, store, and keep snacks and lunch for a long shift. 

Check out our HealthMerch Pick: Compact Canvas Cooler Bag

Wind Up or Down With A Custom Travel Drink Tumbler

Whether you’re adding a double shot latte or some calming tea, our customizable drink tumblers are perfect for a nurse on the go. Throw it in your bag on your way to work or bring it with you on a nice stroll around the block, our HealthMerch favorite customizable Contigo tumbler coffee mugs will never spill on you. 

Our HealthMerch Pick: Contigo Pinnacle Tumbler

Rest With A Customizable Gel Bead Hot And Cold Pack

These customizable therapeutic hot and cold packs are perfect for recovering sore muscles. While a very utilitarian gift, it’s important to acknowledge the physical toll that tough work as a nurse or physical therapist goes through on a daily basis. Support and acknowledge a nurse’ strength and thank them for all their hard work with a hot and cold pack!

Our HealthMerch Pick: Gel Bead Hot and Cold Mask

Get Creative With Custom Nurse and Staff Thank You Gifts

Customizing a unique and thoughtful gift or gift basket for the nurses in your hospital or clinic should be fun! Let HealthMerch help you with unique product and design ideas as well as fast shipping and reliable products and customer service. Give us a call or chat with us at to get personalized support and more creative ideas on ways to celebrate nurses and your entire staff team.

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