Health Merch is the first promotional products company to specialize in designing effective and turnkey health and prevention promotional campaigns. Whether you are a government agency, CBO, non-profit, university, or in the private sector, our team sources top quality products to fit any program and budget.

Unique Designs To Support Health Initiatives

Health Merch specializes in customizable health supplies, sole source personalized promotion products, and personal protective equipment (PPE). With turnkey, easy order options as well as fully customizable products, you choose what best fits your company needs. You can order based on your exact needs:

  • Design It Yourself - When you need a unique product treatment, simply scroll through our list of curated, quality products and upload your design/branding.
  • Sole Source Campaigns - To save you time, we've taken our unique expertise and industry knowledge to create captivating and engaging turnkey campaigns. Simply visit our "causes" drop down to find the cause you're promoting, select your product and quantity and we'll get it to you.
  • Custom Campaigns - If you can't find something that pre-designed and need support, we can help! Our team of marketing and design specialists will work with you to match your needs, brand, and budget!

At Health Merch, we promise quality service and quality solutions at affordable prices every time.

The Leader in Health Promotion Campaigns

Health Merch launched to address a global challenge - how can health organizations educate and engage their communities about the programs and services they offer in meaningful and seamless ways? In an effort to support health organizations, we organized our product lines into identifiable causes and outreach initiatives for turnkey execution:

Sole Source Custom Campaigns

  • Pride Merch & Promotion
  • PrEP & Juntos PrEParados
  • HIV/AIDS Awareness

We understand that each organization works differently and our staff is resourceful and ready to support your unique needs through services including design support, specialized payment options, and we can source just about any PPE, promo or merch solution that you need for your staff, community, donors and stakeholders. Health Merch offers custom products based on a number of various health causes

Custom Products By Cause

Health Merch offers several lines that are specific to health initiatives and causes. From PrEP campaigns highlighting positive and inclusive messaging to Pride promotional items as well as U = U awareness, organizations can find a number of promotional items to choose from. 

Health Merch During COVID-19

As global needs have shifted during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Health Merch worked relentlessly to provide PPE to clients and communities in need, including masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and more. Health Merch helps organizations protect their staff and constituents, as we find our new normal in reopening businesses and continue health services.

We are here to serve, so let us know how we can help your community outreach initiatives! Visit our website or fill out a quick quote request and a specialist will reach out to you!