The National LGBTQ Task Force has announced the return of their annual conference Creating ChangeHealthMerch is proud to support the Creating Change conference once again as attendees and as an exhibitor.

What is the Creating Change Conference?

Creating Change is the largest LGBTQ activist conference in the United States and brings thousands of people together to talk about equality and equity for the LGBTQ community. The conference attracts nearly 3,500 leaders, activists and supporters from the movement including business leaders, non-profits, and government entities. You can learn more about the conference by visiting,

When in the Creating Change Conference?

For the first time the Creating Change conference will be held virtually. The dates for the virtual conference are January 28-21.The organizers hope to return to an in-person conference in 2022.

What do LGBTQ Leaders and Activists Discuss during Creating Change 2021?

According to the official Task Force website, the four-day virtual event will :feature dozens of workshops, caucus sessions and several large plenaries, where movement leaders share insights about our progress and what needs to be done to achieve full liberation”. Most importantly, the goal of Creating Change is to teach thousands of people including public officials, LGBTQ advocates, youth and elders, and professionals in all fields how to inspire, spark and make real change for the LGBTQ communities throughout the United States.

What kinds of sessions can I expect to attend at Creating Change 2021?

According The Task Force official conference website, “the sessions cover a broad rance of topics including,

  • Political Advocacy
  • Organizing
  • Community + Identity
  • Faith + Spirituality
  • Sex + Self-Care
  • And more!"

How do I register for the Creating Change Conference?

Registration for the Creating Change conference begins at $50 per person with a larger contribution amount available to support individuals who are not able to attend the conference. To register for Creating Change 2021, click here.

Why is HealthMerch participating in Creating Change?

HealthMerch is committed to connecting health and community by creating awareness around equitable healthcare services and programs. That work begins by understanding the causes of inequity in the health care system and in every aspect of our communities throughout the United States. HealthMerch understands that the LGBTQ community to still resisting social inequity and fighting for freedom, justice and equity. HealthMerch is a proud ally and is committed to standing in solidarity with the LGBTQ community and doing our party to bring justice and equity where possible. HealthMerch offers multiple products and designs aimed to support and empower the LGBTQ community through special health initiatives like PrEP merchandise as well as celebrations like Pride merchandise and promotional products.  Learn more about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender health initiatives on the official CDC website here.

What products will HealthMerch showcase at Creating Change 2021?

HealthMerch is a health-focused organization and is excited to showcase several new designs and products for the first time at the Creating Change conference. At the virtual booth, HealthMerch will have products meant to educate and engage communities about important health initiatives like HIV Prevention and Awareness, PrEP, Smoking Cessation, and more. Additionally, we plan to have an extensive selection of Pride celebration focused materials like the “fan favorite” snap fans, customizable pride bags, customizable water bottles, sunglasses, and a recently added customizable rainbow/iridescent fanny pack. To see our newest designs, you'll have to visit us at our virtual booth at the Creating Change conference!