HealthMerch worked with hundreds of clients to transition to the unpredictable year of 2020. Including rescheduled outreach and engagement events like AIDS Walks, Conference, as well as suspended clinical services and programs, 2020 turned the healthcare industry on its heard. Through the turmoil, HealthMerch studied industry trends and helped to guide clients as they navigated PPE, virtual events, and discovering new methods of outreach and partnership within their communities.

Through it all, we witnessed a smooth transition of promotional products in the industry. Regardless of the disruption, customizable products still created a unique opportunity to start a conversation about healthcare.

Read below to learn about how promotional products brought new life to community engagement during a year of uncertainty and innovation.

Functional Incentives - Customizable Bags, Totes + Coolers

Insulated Tote Bag Not-Woven
available on

Quality made incentive items like this customizable insulated tote bag were a huge hit for functional incentive items for fundraisers, virtual events and more in 2020. Higher-end products are a great way to show appreciation for donors and entice new clients and the community to support your organization. It's more important to have a high-quality item that represents the strength and integrity of your program and services because it allows your to showcase reliability and it ensures your brand will be used and seen more frequently in your community. In addition, offering your clients and stakeholders a keepsake that is functional will also prolong the lifespan of a promotional product. Bags, totes, and coolers promote environmental and financial sustainability, as well as healthy eating practices. Who new a SWAG bag could be a symbol for so much? HealthMerch and so many of our clients did! Shop customizable hand out bags, tote bags, sports bags, lunch bags, insulated coolers and more at

Home Office + Technology

Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charger
available at

At some point this year, nearly every American found themselves working from home or trying to find work from home. As expected, HealthMerch found that promotional products that offer solutions are the most likely to resonate with clients and make a lasting impact. Thus, quality technology products and tools that supported or complemented work from home adjustments skyrocketed in popularity in 2020. While multiple vaccines have now entered our communities, we believe those who are able to will continue to work from home through 2021 until vaccines are more widespread. This portable bluetooth speaker was a new product in 2020 in addition to other tech items like customizable office supply caddies, customizable USB extenders, customizable screen wipes, and more.

Light Weight + Shippable: Stickers + Hand Sanitizer Packets

PrEP Mouth Sticker + Front Line Worker Appreciation Sticker available at

As every program manager and client acquisition and retention coordinator knows, it's important to reach out to people where they are. With special events, festivals, stores, and many other traditional outreach locations closed, having custom promotional products that we easy to ship was key to keeping budgets down. Stickers and hand sanitizer packets were a huge hit in 2020 because of the price point and ease of shipping requirement. These lightweight items print in full-color and are easy to hand out at a clinic, place in an at-home testing kit, or simply mailed out to clients around the community.

Personal Care + PPE in 2020-2021

Custom Creased Mask available at

PPE, customizable masks, and customizable hand sanitizer were the most popular promotional items of 2020. Custom are a great way to boost morale and are essential, helpful, and easy to ship in every community. HealthMerch offers four different types of customizable, cloth masks that all print in full color as shown in the photo to the left. Despite the rapid distribution plan for Covid-19 vaccines, we know that social distancing, masks, and personal health and protection will remain integral to public health and special events for the majority of 2021. To learn more about what mask is best for you, read our blog article here.

New Promotional Products + Predictions for 2021

As we launch into 2021, we're keeping a steady pulse on trends in both the healthcare industry as well as promotional products. Below is a quick list of new products and categories that we're looking into and will be rapidly adding to our website.

At Home Fitness

It's no surprise that as gyms and public spaces closed down that health and wellness also became an at-home activity. From YouTube fitness instructor/influencers to brands like Lululemon taking over the virtual fitness category, we want to encourage our clients to lean-into the trends of other industries. With fitness, it's also a pretty easy segue into starting conversations about health. Check out for new products like custom yoga mats, water bottles, sweat/gym towels, tension bands, and more.

Nurse + Doctor + Contact Tracer Appreciation

It's been a tough year for so many in the healthcare industry. With extra hours, endless shifts, and an unthow drelenting pandemic, frontline workers deserve a chance for a reprieve and lots of appreciation. HealthMerch is creating new designs and offering unique products to help communities celebrate our healthcare heroes.

For more ideas on designs, products or ideas for your community outreach and engagement for 2021, connect with us today for a free consultation. We talk healthcare and promotional products seriously. Each member of the HealthMerch team is trained on the latest trends, challenges, and solutions in each field to make sure that we can support and empower our clients from the first call through product selection and design support. Schedule a quick consultation with our product management team to start planning.

We're eager to learn how we can help you and your community!