Boost Digital + Social Media Community Outreach

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During the pandemic, the healthcare industry transitioned their in-person community programs, services, and health consultations online whenever possible. Unfortunately, so did every other industry leading to a flood of digital information. For patients and clients, every time they connect, they're inundated with messaging. So how do you stand out and break through the static? Creating branded, custom promotional products that your clients can interact with on a daily basis can help cement your message into the minds of potential clients. Next, we'll look at how to do that.

Direct Mail Is Not Dead

Direct mail is still relevant. With many people working from home, personalized interactions are more important than ever. Sending a small, light-weight, branded item with a personal note can be the difference in getting a patient to return for your services. There are many ways to send effective direct mail.

TeleHealth Direct Mail

If you're like many of our clients, your telehealth or TelePrEP may have boomed during COVID-19. With the convenience of remote service, HealthMerch predicts that this is not a fad that will disappear. Embrace and engage your clients with unique products in their perscription mailers. From pill holders to magnetic appointment calendars and even hand sanitizer, HealthMerch has unique, easy-to-ship items that will keep your services relevant.

Bar + Restaurant Outreach

As we eclipsed our first year of COVID-19 in the United States, most cities allowed bars, restaurants and social gathering places to reopen with restrictions. As our communities are venturing back out and learning to live and adapt to COVID, now is the perfect time to initiate outreach to new prospective clients. By creating custom coasters, shot glasses, stickers, and more, you can reinforce social media messaging with physical advertising and promotional items at your local bar and restaurant. An added bonus, when you showcase your services through promotional products, you're also showing support for local establishments in your community and gaining trust with your constituents.

Swag for Case Managers + Community Partners

Case managers and street teams are your frontline workers. These team members help carry your brand including services, customer service, and professionalism directly to the community members most in need. Below are three great ways to use swag and custom promotional products for Case Managers.

Promotional Products for Staff Incentives

Motivate your team to meet and exceed outreach gifts with various levels of incentive items. At HealthMerch we highlight recommend items that are premium and useful like a custom branded travel coffee tumbler, insulated tote bag, or a customized tech product.

Best Products for Staff Recognition + "Thank You" Gifts

Being on the front lines and engaging with new patients out in the field can be exhausting. Treat your staff to a unique Thank You gift. HealthMerch's top recommended thank you gifts for healthcare workers include:

Brand Recognition Promotional Products

First impressions matter. Ensure that your team is identifiable with custom promotional products. From hats and lanyards, to fanny packs, and customized button pins, HealthMerch has what you need to help your street team or case manager make a great first impression.