HealthMerch was proud to support the National African American Leadership Conference which was held virtually on January 15-16, 2021. The conference attracts a broad audience of gay and bisexual men in healthcare and health organizations, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and national community-based organizations as well as industry professionals including exhibitors and sponsors.

What is the NAESM 2021 Virtual Conference About?

Promoting the theme of "Ending Your Local HIV, STI, Hepatitis Epidemic - Let's Strategize!" the conference seeks to confront issues concerning gay and bisexual men and youth. The areas of focus for sessions will revolve around:

  • Ending the STI Epidemic
  • Using Arts to Heal & Advocate
  • Ending the HIV Epidemic - Updates and Strategies
  • Community Involved Research
  • Human Rights - Civil Rights for Black LGBTI
  • Combatting Stigma & Isolation

Who should attend the 2020 Virtual NAESM Leadership Conference?

If you are interested learning about any of the following, this conference is for you:

  • Public health challenges and emerging issues in health equity among black gay and bi men
  • Evidence-based education programs and promotion practices to improve health outcomes among black gay and bi men.
  • Networking and partnership collaboration to expand public health initiatives and more!

How is HealthMerch Supporting NAESM and the MSM Community?

HealthMerch led a workshop during the NAESM 2021 Conference highlighting trends in 2020 health outreach as well as creative new opportunities in the promotional space to engage communities virtually and from home. To view a full conference schedule, please click here

As a follow up to the presentation, HealthMerch released a blog as well as the following presentation which can be viewed here.